Frozen Shoulder Package

The Frozen Shoulder Package is a package for physiotherapy care.


First visit.

The first visit includes:
a. Complete personal, family and social history.
b. Posture assessment.
c. Evaluation of muscle strength and mobility of the shoulder.
d. Orthopedic tests.
e. Setting short-term and long-term goals of therapy.
f. Tips about shoulder care in daily life activities.
g. Instruction of an exercise program according to the needs of the patient.

Physical therapy on leg

Second visit.

Follow-up visits include:
a. Reassessment of the patient's condition.
b. Giving advice to prevent shoulder stiffness.
c. Re-checking the exercise program and advancing the exercises based on the situation.
d. Manual therapy focused on gaining full mobility and reducing pain.
e. Giving ergonomic advice for the patient to be as independent as possible with the limitation he has