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Entuela Coronado


From Mallakastër, Albania

ABC Intern Alumni


-Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy

-Master in Science for Physical Therapy

Professional Experience

2018- present: Physical Therapist / PT trainer at Abc Health Center

2017-2018: Abc Health Center Physical Therpay internship

2013-2017: Global Care Albania/ New Day impact. Physical Therapist/ Development therapist

Trainings and Participations

-Staying updated for the latest treatment protocols through online training researched based web Medbgridge

-January- December 2017: Physical Therapy Internship at Abc Health Center

-October 16th - November 25th 2017 Observation of:

       *Pediatric Water Therapy (Carrie Tingley Hospital, UNM, USA)

       *Geriatric rehabilitation (Fifty and feet rehabilitation)

       *Orthopedic Manual Therapy (Hands on Physical therapy Clinic NM, USA)

       *Cadaver lab for lower leg extremities ( University of New Mexico, faculty of physical therapy, USA.)

-May 25th- July 30th 2015: The basics of Physical Therapy + Practical Anatomy Training by Kathy Scott PT, DPT

-March 21st 2015: PT treatment of gross motor at Down Syndrome.

-January 10th-12th 2015: Development Therapy for Autism and other behavior disorder.

Links to Research

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