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Palliative Care

ABC has started its Palliative Care program in 2019. Its goal is to provide care and improve the quality of life for patients diagnosed with life-threatening diseases and for their families. It strives to prevent and ease pain by correctly identifying and treating the sources of pain in problems that can be physical, psychological, social or spiritual. 

Palliative care starts when the patient is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and continues to apply to the patients and their families even if the patient is not receiving treatment for their main disease. The goal is to help the patient's and the family's quality of life, knowledge and adaptation with progressive diseases. 

The Service


ABC's Palliative Care offers:

  • Vital signs measurements

  • Treatment and care for wounds

  • Injections and applications of medicine

  • Visits at home

ABC also offers an extensive care for patients with lymphedema. Our staff and our tools provide services such as manual drainage of lymph, bandaging of body parts affected by lymphedema, compression sleeves and socks, compression pump and education for the patient and their family.

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