What we offer. 

Doctor Examining Patient

Medical services

  1. Medical Visit with a doctor.

  2. Physical exam and documentation.

  3. Medical Visit with genetics test (ADN).

  4. Physical exam for a visa (Australia and New Zeland)

  5. Re-check up visit.

  6. Pediatric visit.

  7. Medical visit with gastro hepatology.

  8. Psychological consult with a psychologist.

  9. Audiogram and consult with an audiologist.

  10. Hearing devices.

Nursin services

  1. Nursing visit.

  2. Treatment of wounds.

  3. Ear wash.

  4. Aerosol therapy for children.

  5. Aerosol therapy for adults.

  6. Administrative services with documents.

Examination in the Patient Room
Caregiver with Patient

Services at Home

  1. Injection.

  2. Nursing visit.

  3. Doctor visit.

  4. Physiotherapy visit.

Analyses services

  1. EKG (With interpreting from a doctor).

  2. Spirometry.

  3. Audiogram.

  4. Abdominal EKO.

  5. PAP test.

  6. Other analyses offered by Intermedica.

Medical Text

Package Deals

ABC Health offers a variety of Package Deals. To learn more about them click here.