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Dr. Valbona Iljazi

Family Doctor

ABC Intern Alumni


Certified as Family Medicine specialist: 2006

Certified as Medical Trainer from EURACT: 2007

Certified as MD in the USA: 2012

Completed one year residency in Orthopedic-Traumatology at "Zonja e Keshillit te Mire "University: 2021

Professional Experience

Dr Valbona has many years of clinical experience in primary care, especially family medicine, internal medicine in Albania and in USA.  She also has experience in medical research;  has been a faculty for 5 years at Albanian University, in the Nursing and Physical Therapy department. In addition, she is one of the authors of the current protocols in Family Medicine.  She has a special interest in orthopedics, prevention and treatment of skeletal deformities and abnormalities in children and adults.

Trainings and Participations


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