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About Us

ABC Health Center

About ABC

ABC Family Health Center is a model family medicine healthcare center in Tirana, Albania. We have been serving both the Albanian and foreign communities since 1994.

We are committed to giving the best care possible, while showing respect and dignity to each of our patients. We want to serve you by helping you to live a healthy and wholesome life. Our health center is a place of integrity, honesty and confidentiality.

We look forward to serving you!

Meet Our Team

Micah Turner Executive Director
Micah Turner

Executive Director

Flutura Markaj Director of Operations
Flutura Markaj

Director of Operations

Valbona Iljazi Doktoreshe
Dr. Valbona Iljazi

Director of Health Center & MedEd

Eneida Toska Pediatri
Dr. Eneida Toska

Occupational Doctor; Pediatrician

Ledia Qatipi Doktoreshe Familje
Dr. Ledia Qatipi

Family Doctor

Edisa Rizaj Fizioterapi
Edisa Rizaj

Physical Therapist

Enkeleda Duka Pediatre
Dr. Enkeleda Duka


Manjola Luzi Onkologji
Dr, Manjola Luzi


Dorina Xuxi Recepsion
Dorina Çupaj


Irena Xhori Infiermere
Matilda Subashi

Physical Therapist

Irena Xhori


Enxhi Shkurti Infermiere
Enxhi Shkurti


Jonida Ucaj Psikologji
Patricia Towle Audiologji
Patricia Towle


Jonida Ucaj Psikologji
Jonida Ucaj


Vera Gjokola Finance
Vera Gjokola

Financial Assistant

Mateo Losha IT
Mateo Losha

IT Services

Partner with Us 

Our vision for the next 10 years can be summed up in two words: Expand and Equip. We want to expand our services, our reach and our means, and as we do, we want to be faithful to God and His blessings.


We aim to expand our services as we take tangible steps towards offering a more holistic care to our patients. This has resulted in the addition of services in Pediatrics, Ultrasound, Palliative care, Audiology, and Gastro-Hepatology. As we grow, we hope to include other services so that our patients can receive the professional care they can depend on. 

Through community health services and education, we want to expand our outreach and patient base. This will enable us to reach more patients in need of sound medical care.

We continually strive to adequately equip our team to better serve our patients.

We would appreciate you partnering with us in our vision to “Expand and Equip” medical services here in Albania through prayer and financial support. 

Team Together
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